Design/Build Construction Loan

Finance your property, construction, and permanent all with a single loan. No . No Second . 1) Find your dream location. 2) Work with an architect and contractor to design your house. 3) Build your dream home.
First, find a lot to build your home.
Work with a builder to construct you home.
Pay it all off on a single mortgage.
While conventional s can require s of up to 10%, The downpayment and qualifying parameters for this loan integrate with existing programs, such as: , , and HUD-184. Because the permanent loan is closed before construction begins, you don't need to after the house is complete—this greatly simplifies the construction and purchase process. To participate in this one-time-close construction loan, you must pre-qualify for one of the loans listed on this page.
  • Max 96.5% through or 100% LTV through (not including the funding fee)
  • No payments due during the construction phase
  • No once construction is complete
  • Single reduces total costs
Financing Eligibility:
  • Available through , VA, and HUD-184
  • 620 minimum qualifying
  • 15 and 30 year fixed rates available
  • One-unit single family residences, doublewide & triplewide manufactured homes, and modular homes permitted
(With downpayment requirement)