Equity Atlas Mandate

We are founded on our commitment to you.

Equity Atlas is a worker-owned, community-inspired finance corporation dedicated to strengthening our clients' financial well-being by building local equity and community ownership. With every lending opportunity we minimize process challenges and provide financial products that meet the needs of our customers, benefit our community, and ensure a fair and just living for our worker-owners. Delivering new expectations in home lending, we proudly present the following core values and principles by which we operate.
Generative Incorporation

Civic Corporation

The vast majority of corporations are designed to demand constant growth. All too often, they achieve this growth by treating everything—natural resources, their employees, even their customers—like a commodity. As a civic corporation, Equity Atlas is different. Rather than extracting value from our community, we seek to create lasting value for our community by the way we do business.
Generative Incorporation
The key to financial value and local stability lies in local ownership. Building value through ownership generates financial resilience, even through times of regional and national instability. Equity Atlas is committed to seeking opportunities for our community to grow through the advancement of home ownership.
Single Share Ownership
The best and most resilient companies generate consistent wealth using shared ownership to develop an expert and dedicated team. As a 100% equal equity company, our team and our owners are the very same people (one person, one share). Equity Atlas is committed to upholding an ownership design that will contribute to—and inspire—a lasting, generative economy.
Common-Mission Networking
A business is as strong as the relevance to—and loyalty of—those who support it. Equity Atlas builds value through mutually beneficial partnerships. We consistently seek lasting relationships with local businesses and neighbors who are also seeking ways to build community equity.
Generative Innovation


Inventing, innovating, implementing, and promoting financial products for a rational economy is an ongoing challenge. Equity Atlas is committed to beneficially changing the way loans are made, how they are priced, and how their value is managed.
Individual Customer Care & Education
Detailed and consistent support for our customers is the critical element for long-term success. Since our inception, it has been our goal to treat our customers how we expect to be treated. This led us to develop an official position on Borrower's Rights.Equity Atlas is committed to a transparent and efficient lending process, to minimize the challenges, to improve the process, and to make our customers' lives a little more comfortable.