Borrower's Rights

We are determined to create a company that is fair, open, and expert.
In fact, we are structured to guarantee it. Trust is a serious business.
You'll have more rights with us than any other lender.

Equity Atlas . Borrower's Bill of Rights . v1 11-14
Individual Customer Care & Education

Right to Ethical
Finance Practices

All people should have the right to choose a competent, responsive, professional organization for help with their financial matters. At Equity Atlas, we do more than uphold that right. Our company is structured to ensure lower rates and fees for customers and above market-rate compensation for employees, which has a positive impact on our homeowners and our community.

Right to Affordability

As a client, you have the right to know what affordability means for you. This means understanding what an appropriately-sized loan is for you, with reasonable conditions, to ensure that any long-term payments do not become a burden. For us, the affordability of all loans obtained through Equity Atlas is serious business.

Right to Confidentiality

No one should have to worry about the integrity of a company with regard to their personal data. At Equity Atlas, we believe the predatory practice of buying and selling an individual's "data" in any form or amount is reprehensible. Equity Atlas will keep safe all client data we possess and will not sell it, share it or use it for any purpose not directly related and critically important to your home loan process.

Right to Support
a Local Economy

You have a right to support your community through the choices you make. We believe the same should be true for financial institutions. It is your right to have the money you entrust to a local financial institution stay here to support your community. Equity Atlas exists to offer our clients the ability to contribute directly to their local economy by reinvesting 100% of our revenue at home.

Right to Financial Knowledge

The loan process is complex and confusing, with more lingo and acronyms than we care to admit. You have a right to understand how the process functions and what is expected of you when you sign on the dotted line. At Equity Atlas, we don't rush anyone into a decision. We're aware that not everyone wants to understand every detail. But when you want to learn, we take the time and make the effort to help you get there.

Right to Generative Partners

It is not enough to know that a company has its own ethical community policy. You also need to know about the company they keep. At Equity Atlas, we uphold your right to know who our partners are, to know who we support and who supports us. Meet and greet our partners. We're sure they'll pass your litmus test with flying colors.

Right to Follow Your Money

The finance world is far from perfect. The entrenched corporate structure of the banking system has made ethical, generative practices a challenge. You have a right to know to what extent your loan contributes to wealth that goes beyond our local community, as well as your options for keeping your money closer to home.

Industry-Standard Lending:
Rights & Requirements

As a borrower, you have the right to industry protections such as the Mortgage Bankers Association general guidelines (), the Federal Requirements, and the Truth-in-Lending Statement. Oversight of these protections is provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Atlas is fully engaged in identifying your rights and protecting them. Your long term financial well-being is our company's standard.