Single-share equity ownership

Equity Atlas is 100% worker-owned.

Paradigm in Pattern

 We believe that how a business conducts itself in society is determined by how the business is structured from the ground up. It starts with having a purpose, which we demonstrate through our actions, not just our words. It is evident in the quality of our ongoing relationships and in how we, as a business, treat the communities we serve. We see too many financial institutions with who exist in a community only to take money out of it, and give nothing back. Equity Atlas is structured differently, with a different purpose as our foundation. We exist to reconcile the financial system with the community, creating growth and prosperity that stays here at home.                                                         

Decentralized Ownership

  Equity Atlas utilizes a single share equity ownership model. Each person who works with us holds a single share. Each share consists of an equal amount of the company and is held as long as the shareholder is active in the company. This structure enables us to redefine "ownership" as the sum total of all our workers at any given time. If we disengage, we leave our equity with the company and it is reabsorbed equally among remaining owners. Acquiring a new owner means a new share is born from the others. This structure ensures that the company can never be singularly owned, held by, sold, or traded to another person or entity. The equity remains with the company and the community it serves.

The Company You Want to Own

The single share model is structured to distribute all company profits (after obligations and investments) to all owners equally. Hard work, dedication, and community-building directly translate into our own personal gain. And they translate into gains for our community as well. When you look at how traditional financial institutions are structured and you follow the money, it goes, for the most part, into the pockets of top executives and absentee shareholders who have no connection to the communities their businesses serve. Quite simply, the money goes elsewhere and it benefits the few.

The alternative foundation we offer at Equity Atlas turns this model on its head. The equal-benefit structure keeps more of the money here at home, with our workers and our clients. It produces a pattern of unrivaled customer service. Your success is our success.

What does “employee owned” really mean?

The term “employee owned” has become an effective marketing term, yet too often it does not reflect the reality. Many companies who claim they are “employee owned,” still maintain the typical corporate structure. They claim “employee owned” or “locally owned” because they offer a “stock option,” often to a sadly-low percentage of employees (or local, non-absentee shareholders). Because there are no rules defining what is employee ownership, these levels are seen regularly below 10%. If a company is 90% owned by absentee shareholders, should they be allowed to say they are “employee owned?”

Keeping it real.

At Equity Atlas we maintain a 10:1 ratio of the highest to the lowest paid worker-owner. This salary cap means we are protected from those who seek to monopolize compensation. If our CEO were to make $500,000/year, our lowest paid owner would make a minimum of $50,000/year. If you were to compare this to the old, traditional banking model where a CEO made $20 million last year, their night watchman would have taken home $2 million.

A Heart of Innovation

Our fresh approach to the business of finance produces a driving desire to innovate—something that, for the past 200 years, has focused almost completely on wealth extraction. In a country where more individuals are members of co-operatives than hold stock as absentee shareholders, and where worldwide co-operatives employ more people than all the multinationals combined (John Restakis, ‘Humanizing the Economy’), we must realize that resetting the paradigm for how finance serves our communities has now become a responsibility. We want to be at the forefront of this international movement toward true ownership and help drive it here at home. At Equity Atlas, innovation is at the core of our responsibility to ourselves and our clients. Developing new and more relevant financial opportunities is a core competency.

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