Equity Makes a Village

Our financial institutions have a responsibility to build value.

Our culture defines the success of any business by how much wealth it extracts from the economy. Our capital-based economic system is fueled by billions of dollars collected through the sale of goods and by strategic messaging aimed at sustaining the market’s perpetual demand for growth.

Is our capital-based design working out all that well for us?
In many cases, it is not. But we aren't made aware that there are viable and smart alternatives out there that can build wealth and prosperity for all of us.
With a focus on community, responsible finance automatically becomes important.
Equity Atlas is developing new business designs modeled on community wealth, with a fresh approach to finance. By eliminating absentee shareholders, the value we generate within the organization moves horizontally—back into the community. Through strategic internal mandates, capped executive pay, and controlled margins we cultivate a new objective: delivering lower fees and rates as well as consumer-centric service. Our innovative, single-share ownership model further expands the distribution of wealth within the community by returning profits to the worker-owner. In these ways, Equity Atlas creates a balanced flow between financial freedom and corporate structure.

Community Equity is everyone’s affair.
It is in the financial interests of the community to develop community assets. If properly balanced, it creates a strong and vibrant social center. Equity Atlas happily provides that foundation upon which communities can build equity.